Saturday, January 16, 2016

Publish Book- Check

When you set a goal, you might question is this really God's path for me. I know that feeling. God spoke to me about writing my story 7 years ago. I blogged about my adventure attending the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference and signing a book deal with Morgan James Publishing in May of 2012. Where is that book?

That book is still outlined and sitting in my hard drive and brain. I'm stuck. That book wasn't coming to me nor was the path being cleared for me to participate in the First Time Writer's University through Morgan James.

I prayed. What was the hold up and why wasn't I fulfilling the vision that God gave me? Then, a little book that I had started 7 years ago came back into my focus at the same time that a friend shared her self-publishing endeavors through Create Space. SO, I spent last Christmas break and every weekend until my spring break writing. I had a team of amazing ladies edit and study my draft. Then, I spent my spring break editing. Yes, I had other work that I could have been doing, but I put some things on the back burner to prioritize writing. I was on fire, but I wanted to make sure that whatever I put out to the world was edited and professional. I'm proud of my first imperfect attempt!

I am really excited to announce and launch Positude. Positude is a devotional based on the Biblical keys that have helped me personally overcome my biggest struggle, staying positive in the face of adversity. Click here for the link to Positude on Amazon.

Have I written THE BOOK that I believe is part of God's vision for my future? I don't know. I do believe that this first book is a positive step towards reaching my ultimate goal. I hope you walk through the devotional with an open mind and will be willing to give me some feedback on next steps. I greatly desire fulfilling my contractual obligations to Morgan James this year. I am praying for the clear direction for that book.

God bless you all! Life isn't always easy in His trenches or clear as you are seeking God's will for your life. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith as a first step. I've been still, I've waited, and now I'm leaping. Praying you hear God's voice and will know when the time to move forward is in front of you.

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