Friday, June 26, 2015

SMART Goal Time

Hi, Friends! Last weekend was my first ever women's conference to co-lead with my friend Christine Heinrich (author of Seasons). What a fabulous weekend!

Briefly on the conference, we walked through some processes to get the ladies to open up about life events, labels that hang over them or identify them, constraints to walking in victory and serving Christ fully, and then what events that God is calling them to share with others in order to help others heal or grow in Christ. 

As you can imagine, it was exhaustingly beautiful. God was with us, and the Holy Spirit moved. Some of you may wonder what does that mean when I say the Holy Spirit moved. I am going to try to explain.

First, as Christine and I each started sharing our stories, we each were led to talk a particular way that neither of us had prepared. (Actually, we had prepared along a little different line.) As we were speaking, the Holy Spirit kept giving us things to say or read from our two books that just amplified what we were endeavoring to do for God. The response as you can imagine was phenomenal. 

We had a small group of 12 in attendance, and yes, I was initially disappointed that more of our family and friends didn't attend. Jesus started with 12; so, I will tell Satan to be quiet about not getting the numbers that I had hoped for in attendance.  Actually, my hope was more about me, and when I let that go and gave the day to God I was filled with joy over having 12 people. God is always teaching me.

Many of the women had relationship with each other, but some of the ladies were from out of town and known by none. Imagine sharing your delicate stories and personal constraints with random strangers. That takes bravery. It was brilliant to sit back and watch the power of the Holy Spirit work in cracking through the walls we put around ourselves to get to our hearts and hurts so that healing can step in. Healing comes from the Comforter which is another name for the Holy Spirit.

Yes, there were tears, but there was joy found in knowing that each of our stories has a purpose. We talked about our identities in Christ, and that he has placed or will place a passion and desire on your heart if you pray for it. We unraveled the things we believe about ourselves and what we believe God can do through us. We had to break down the safe little box that we all like to put God inside. God doesn't fit in our little boxes. 

Each one of us prayed and made a commitment to write and fulfill a SMART goal. A SMART goal is simply a Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely goal.  My SMART goal is to blog weekly as I continue to write and teach about Positude and In His Trenches. So, hold me accountable if I slack!  

In scripture, it is written: "And when you are brought to trial in the synagogues and before rulers and authorities, don't worry about how to defend yourself or what to say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said." (Luke 12: 11-12)

I never really understood that verse until the last 4 years. Time and time again, the Holy Spirit just inspires me with what to say and how to say it. I will further say that as I wrote Positude that I kept continually praying for guidance about what to write. The Father answers us when we ask. Period.  

Last food for thought, have you prayed for God to give you a passion for serving in the Kingdom? I highly recommend that you pray for God to show you how to serve. I have been involved in ministry off and on throughout my life. I love children, obviously since I'm a principal, but children's ministry is not my passion though I tried my best to be Sunday School Superintendent. My passion is teaching older youth and adults. I have a vision for how to serve and teach today that I am on fire about following through with God's guidance. I pray that you seek the same knowledge and wisdom from God. You have gifts, time, and talents to share. Get plugged in to serving somehow/someway. 

Life isn't always easy InHisTrenches, but it is beautiful and full-filling when you are doing what God has placed on your heart.  Please find me on Facebook as IN HIS TRENCHES and look for Positude on  Positude dives deeper into the Biblical tools that have helped me stand. God bless you all, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! If you would like for me to come lead a conference or speak at your church or organization, please email me at I can't wait to see what God has planned next!

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